Like an Action Movie


The expression “Like an action movie” is sometimes used to describe a sudden event that creates awe. This article is a fictional expression that depicts an accident scene. It warns against impatience and being careful of our environment.

[Somewhere in Lagos Nigeria]

It was some minutes after five in the evening.

The weather was still beaming out with soft cold, sending calm wind on the mission of touching hearts.

Moments ago, the street was naked; the rain fell.

The agony of the waters left the coal-tarred road, warm and slippery.

The heavy downpour lasted for over an hour, causing the traders and hawkers to patiently tarry beyond that of a lazy wall gecko on the wall, waiting for her prey.

At this period, hustlers are very much alive to action, for the rain has deprived them of the freedom to trade in and out of their domain.

Most of them, therefore, believe that any action afterwards would cover up their lapses and meet up with family and friends’ expectations.

Now, even the cab drivers are reckless, trying out ways to hold the bull by the horn, even at the expense of their freedom (facing their loom if caught up by the long arm of the law).

They would toil with other fellow cabmen’s intelligence to snatch away passengers at bus stops if they have a thirty per cent chance.

Also, consumers are now hungrily alert, finding out ways of satisfying their needs with their limited resources.

Though quality was in this vein expected, to others whose spouses and children awaited them at home, it was a myth.

I was hanging around to obtain a message to forward to my pals on Facebook or Twitter.

But everything seemed usual and customary.

Even the unusual weather became a usual thing to talk about.

I was expecting something extraordinary and fascinating.

Soon, a sparrow perched atop the cop of a roof, and it sang out to the West.

That was not a bad post to obtain about a hundred likes, but it would bring the previous to the future, everyone knew that tale.

Another observation touched my heart. It made it melt in shock, vibrating the diaphragm of my chest and at a supersonic speed, regained focus to consciousness.

A lizard was chasing a bug, probably a grasshopper– I wasn’t able to get its detail, but I for sure knew it had wings. The bug was hurt and was leaping on its wings so angrily.

It was certain that it was not lasting six seconds, perhaps ten if it could struggle out some few centimetres away.

Gradually, the lizard was gaining momentum and the fate of the bug was becoming glaring.

Just about a second or two to go, the shadow of a hawk swept across the clouds at the east and suddenly cast on the lizard.

For sure, the measure of this speed can’t be ascertained. Even if it was captured on a camera and slow-motioned, it would still be very fast.

Before a blink of an eye, the hawk vanished without being noticed and I could only hear her as she screamed joyfully from a distance.

This was a pitiful situation indeed. A predator is likely to become prey, that’s definitely a fact.

It, therefore, pointed out a requirement; that challenged us to put down our pride and stream down our wings ourselves.

That’s quite a tale.

I kept wondering how happy the lizard would have been if it did snatch out the bug without being caught. But, the bug’s luck came by to grant it an awesome grace today.

Thanks to the hawk.

Hmm! I became lost in my thought due to that little scene.

How did it get to this point? Maybe my original observation was centred on this little tale?

‘Thoughts are like infectious diseases, they spread over the mind and soul, killing every sense of balance in a man, at times, it makes one imagine imagination.

Olusola Butler

Thank God for the agglomerated telescopic view of the street which caught my attention once again, if not I would have still been trapped in my mind.

The crowd brought me back to my mind from the realm of the animal kingdom in my thought.

Within a couple of minutes, the atmosphere changed.

The then frozen air became superheated, leaving soot from dying cars and uncontrolled songs from the vehicles, human murmurs and chants of the crowd dominated the damp air.

By this time, the road was already blocked, leaving all car owners and borrowers struggling to beat the fast and furious finish of the race to their various homes.

Suddenly, I noticed this amazing okada (bike) driver.

He controlled his okada left to right, right to left to suit his body motion; thereby manipulating the two wheels in the direction of an amazing view.

After calculating the distance between two taxis ahead of him, he rearranged his gear to blend with the foreseen speed.

For ten microseconds, I guess, he must have run at the speed of light probably.

The taxi driver at the right was making a brief wait beside the pedestrian pavement (the bike man understood too well that he wouldn’t be leaving soon because of the traffic in front as well as the passenger he intends to pick up).

To this taxi driver, he only wanted to wait some seconds to give the current market price to the long awaiting passenger, so as to beat the traffic light which was already down to orange.

The supposed passenger reduced the speculated time for the taxi man by angrily slamming the door at him due to the increase in hike he mentioned.

Though the price of petrol has increased by two, most consumers believed that it would be unrealistic to increase the hike as well by two.

The alteration in the okada man’s calculation came unaware, and he realized that too late.

It is impossible to quench the thirst for adventure when the action had just begun.

He couldn’t control his brake; neither can he jump over the already two colliding taxis.

His front tire penetrated into the little space between the taxis.

Boom! The deaf man at the rod side became conscious of the fact that a collision occurred.

The effect of the break he applied flung him far away into the sky.

That was the first time I could see a real superman with no costumes.

He flew.

For more than eight seconds, he kept rotating in the sky.

The scraps from the cab’s vehicle flew up to about three metres per second at a rotation of not less than two hundred rad per minute, crashing all along with the man hanging on them.

As soon as the polythene-like bike driver was about to touch the main road ahead, an incoming private pickup van, wanting to beat the race from the other side headed him like a bull to another journey of condemnation.

Finally, he was left to the glory of the mighty potential energy.

The whole street became frozen leaving the atmosphere tense.

That corner where it all began became a blind spot.

Boys and girls, young and old, enemies and foes; everyone came out to feed their eyes.

Those who were been chased by the unseen ghost of hurry stayed calm.

Even the taxi drivers weren’t able to move an inch.

The moment was black in blue, leaving the street in shambles crowded with smoke, flame and red blood.

“He is dead.” A man assured the crowd.

No one could dispute that postulation he propounded.

Many onlookers’ mouth was wide open but unable to produce sounds.

It was a day that brought humility to men in that locality.

The okada man kept lying on the floor with bruises all over.

His arms and legs were disfigured, making him look like a cripple having a nap.

In fact, the only difference between him and a regular deformed cripple on the street was that he wasn’t breathing anymore.

He was covered with his jacket by an elderly who confirmed his untimely departure to the beyond of his impatience.

Sad became the name of this day for those who knew a thing or two about this fella.

His time ceased to exist but time kept reading.

He stopped puffing out fresh air into the cloud. Something he did some minutes ago before venturing to take this 007 adventure.

And yet, the wind never stopped blowing in the direction of truth.

The street never stopped watching until he was bundled away by the police.

At the junction where it all began, the cloud watches, the ground could testify.

At the junction where it all began, the time warned, we all know that.

The street could not speak for joy anymore but murmur and gossip of this day.

If he had known from the initial, he would wait a little longer for his turn.

When we fail to let the yam roast well in the fire, we end up eating the undone part or throwing them away.

African Proverbs

Patience, my friend, is like a candle stick provided for the journey through the darkest mystery of one’s life with no matchstick or lighter.

The flame would come naturally when needed.

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