Outside his space


This story warns of the danger of greed, negligence, self-justification and procrastination. A man lost that which he cherished the most simply because of his negligence and pride.

The wind was blowing right and left, looking for that perfect destination to dwell for a while before she continue her journey to another domain.
It narrowed down to Mr Bensons to complement the overzealous mood of this man.
Mr Benson, the only lifeguard in the neighbourhood was busy tearing apart the thighs of the big chicken on the plate on the table.

The watery soup lying below the chicken created a battle between his fingers and his hair. 
He could only support the hot soup with a chill bottle of alcohol.
He knew it was his duty to remain at the lake at that moment, but vowed to take a seat even if the President’s daughter would drown.

Some minutes later, when the combination of the source and the tint blend of the chicken were still circulating on his wits alongside the awesome taste that was unveiled in his smiling chick, a fella rushed into the scene.

“Sir, Davo is drowning. I can’t swim, I would have assisted.”
Mr Benson did as if the fly was buzzing around his environment.
He swung his hands left and right, up and sideways to chase an invisible fly away.

“It is urgent sir!” The fella lamented again.
Mr Benson stood still on his seat and didn’t give the fella any reply.
And to save time and put his conscience in the right place, the fella ran to another for help.

“Idiot, you want me to instantly leave my seat and run to the lake because of one stupid tout.
It is not my business.
Look at how he is even dressed.
Very irresponsible, he has no manners.

He can’t even say good evening.
And moreover, how can someone responsible be named Davo, or Devil or Dog?
What a wayward society with these useless youths of today.”

Mr Benson knew quite alright that no one would believe the lad if he eventually goes about telling people that he refused to help someone drowning.
After all, this wasn’t the first and life still went on.
Mr Benson was a much-respected Elder in his church and known to be a philanthropist in the neighborhood.
Thank God for the monthly outreach from the government.
He knew how to play his game well so that no one could challenge him and escape for free.
With a life like that, he had won many awards, of which were on merit.
And hope to get more.

It is only when the eyes are watching that most brains put on their ignition switch.
To fulfil all righteousness as most people were heading towards the lake, Mr Benson ran as fast as he could to the scene, like the athlete in the front line at the final lap of the race.
He wants to see the outcome of the rescue if it went on well in his absence.
All Mr Benson wanted was praises, that’s why he had refused to employ a sidekick to assist as he become of age.

As he got to the scene, all he could perceive were a murmur and the name Davo.
He turned to a man,
“Sorry I was late; I was in the bathroom when the news got to me.”
The man looked at him and turned back to the scene.
He must have been briefed on what he did and have taken it all in with seriousness.

The crowd was agglomerated singing rhymes of condolences.
Mr Benson could only see the rare of all.
The name Davo kept ringing in the noisy atmosphere.
It was then that the name started ringing a bell to his reasoning.
He was anxious and tapped a woman.
“Good evening. Sorry, who is this Davo?”
The woman turned back and said,
“Mr Benson, what happened? You are later!”
With a puzzled face, he said,
I was in the bathroom when the news got to me.”
With tears rolling down her chin she said,
“It was David that was in the lake, it was David.”
He asked with shaky hands, “Which one?”
The woman replied him, “Your son.”

He could not cry.
An annoying electric shock forced his chin upward to release a confused smile.
He forced himself into the centre to reassure that he wasn’t dreaming.
He couldn’t believe his eyes, for tears have taken over the view.
His only son was lying on the ground sodden in water, dirt and mud.
His voice failed him totally as he held him.
He groaned again and again without making a sound for more than five minutes.
Then he screamed at the peak of his voice.
And two solid bolls of tears rolled down his chins.
Those who happened not to understand what happened earlier drop out some of their tears for the grieved father;
While those who got to witness the truth (from a third party) blamed the death of the innocent lad on the wicked father.
Tamuli, the young fellow who witnessed it all said to him,
“If you had been here earlier, he would still be alive.”
The statement tore his heart apart, leaving him the soapy water.
If he had known what luck awaited him, he wouldn’t have let his son out of the house.
If he had known that the drawing fellow was his only son, he would’ve run to the pond even with his pants on fire.
Now, late has taken that grace too far beyond his reach.

There are of course a lot of things we can do in our community to help others, a majority would only cost us a few seconds or a few pennies.
But because we are so soaked in greed, we tend to stick to our own space and forget that it is a foolish idea to buy a small space alone when there are wider spaces available together.

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