Precious than Gems (Part Five- Final)


This is the final part of the folklore, “Precious then Gems”.

It is a story about a man who had to endure all hardships in other to be free from certain pressures. Though hardworking, dedicated and loyal, he was never encouraged by friends, family and society.

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Part Five [The Reward]

The following day, the gong from the town crier woke Akande from his sleep.
He struck it so hard that even the deaf should be able to perceive the vibration.
“Attention! Everyone should endeavour to assemble at the village square for an important announcement.
It is a punishable offence not to be there.
The king’s order!” The fellow proclaimed.
Akande thought that this urgent call was for another reason.
He quickly dressed himself up in his usual attire and soon joined some other villagers heading toward the king’s palace.
“The king is really not feeling well lately.” A fellow assured others.
“I guess that he is trying to pick a successor.”
“That might be true, since he has no heir to the throne, it will be disastrous for his only child and daughter to rule.” Another added.
“Or probably something came up that needed our interventions.” Suggested the other.
“Well, let us get there and see for ourselves.” Suggested another.
Akande kept thinking about what was said by these fellows as he walked quietly from behind. He knew something came up that needed urgent attention.
As he got to the village square, he noticed that the majority present was wearing stone faces, probably because they were deprived of the enjoyment of their beds.
While others kept gossiping at one corner.
Soon, the chiefs entered with the princess of the land.
Then, the announcement of the king’s death was pronounced.
Everyone not aware of the king’s health was shocked while others became certain that the rumour has unveiled itself to be actually true.
A chief stepped forward to complement the announcement.
“The king went to dine with our ancestors after choosing the next king of the land.
After a critical evaluation and study, he has chosen Akande, the son of Lamuludu to be the father of the land.”
Like melting the ice, Akande’s heart almost melted away.
His hearing went blank for a while not until he was called upon to step forward.
Everyone was amazed at the proclamation, Akande a king.
It was so sudden and unbelievable.
“To keep the bloodline of the kings going, the king has handed his daughter to you.”
When Akande looked at her face, the same smile the woman with a child smiled on his way to the king’s palace the previous day, was felt.
He was certain that it was the same person, though in disguise by then as a mother.
Akande was crowned instantly and was given a special seat to relax his tension.
“Yesterday,” a chief said, “about seventeen men were tested for the throne, only Akande passed the test.
He was: one, patient- he stood to the very end and completed the task he was given.
Two, tolerance- he wasn’t moved by the sun’s torment, nor by the complexity of the work. Three, agile- he was very hardworking, endeavouring to finish his work.
Four, innovative- he solved the problem of blunt cutlass by making it sharp.
Five, compassionate- he has the love of others in his heart, he fed the princess who was disguised as a mother.
Six, not greedy- he was the only one able to return the money he found on the farm, instead of using it to raise himself from the pit of poverty, he brought it to the chiefs thinking that someone left it on the farm.
He was more of a good character, loyal, humble, meek and sweet.
The king slept on with his father’s last night after hearing of this man.”
Akande could not believe his eyes, he woke up as an ordinary person, hoping to be serving the king, and now even the chiefs are prostrating for him.
What a dramatic day where his uncle, his ex-wife, his master, his colleagues at the farm as well as the entire villagers were prostrating at his feet calling him majesty.
Akande ruled with love, care, loyalty, dignity and honour for many years and begat sons and daughters with his beautiful wife.

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