Precious than Gems (Part One)


Akande must endure all hardships in other to be free from certain pressures. Though hardworking, dedicated and loyal, he was never encouraged by friends, family and society. Would he throw away the virtue of selflessness, hard work, truthfulness and loyalty in other to survive the height of these hurdles ahead of him? Read up ‘Precious than Gems’, a compilation of a five-story-parts about a very poor farmer who, by virtue of his deeds, experienced life in his bid of telling folklore.

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Part One [The Man Akande]

As soon as he opened his eyes, Akande praised the maker for making him see yet another beautiful day.
He stepped out of his hamlet quietly so as not to wake up his wife- who was always starting trouble for the gentle fellow.
The cock has just crowed once, leaving some trace of darkness on the face of the skies, even though the moon won’t let that shown.
He was certain that it was already morning, so he would not wish to be late.
Akande is a very loyal servant of chief Utelu, the owner of a very large farm where he works as a servant.
He was very polite, kind and loving to his master, his wife and to all other workers as well.
He was always the first to leave for the chief’s farm day in and day out. He would always be paid the least.

He was never greedy, and neither would he ever complain about a thing.
Ever smiling, ever free, ever bright, what a man of this immaculate gesture.
As soon as Akande got to the farm, he picked the hardest part of the extreme end of it to cultivate so as not to create argument when others arrived.
He worked for a while, hoping that soon another worker would join him, but was only trying to catch the wind.

He worked on not minding the late coming of others.
The day was not getting a different light- just that of the moon.
“When will the sun rise?” Akande hoped.
It was getting very funny being lonely hoping to find his fellow workers, who even though are not treating him well, made him feel part of the living.
Several winds passed away, leaving his poor back cold.
He felt weak with time, his hands were trembling, so cold, yet sweating.
When he could not bear this sudden weakness, he sat down to rest for a while.
“Was it hunger, or was it fear that made me stop?” He asked his poor hand.
As he summed up the courage to continue, he fell down to the floor to gain stamina.
“Something is wrong with me.” He assured himself.
He then realized that he was extra early to the farm this time.
He hadn’t heard the crow of any rooster yet, which beyond doubt made him realize that fact.
He prepared a small nest to lay his head on for a while since it will be foolish to return back home at that point in time.
His eyes drew an image of his life, leading him to the realm of sleep.
Soon, Akande regained his strength as he heard a very lively crow, this time he was certain for it crowed again and again.
He jumped out of his dream and went back to work.
Though it was still dark, he could smell the scent of the early morning sun ahead in the east.
So, he revived his strength from there, weeding along the path of truth.
It was getting bright and clear, and so is his might and work.
As he struck a particular portion of the land with his hoe, he felt hollow underneath.
He quickly dug out the portion, and lo it was a jute sack.
He paused for a while and then opened it to check the content.
The bag was housing up to forty cowries.
He was shocked.
“Who on earth would have hidden so much treasure in this busy cave?” He asked no one. “Perhaps, my master would know better.”

To be Continued…

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