Precious than Gems (Part Two)


This is the second part of the story, “Precious than Gems”. It is a story about a man who had to endure all hardships in other to be free from certain pressures. Though hardworking, dedicated and loyal, he was never encouraged by friends, family and society.

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Part Two [The Crucifixion]

Akande stopped working, packed his tools and headed straight to his master’s domain.
On his way, he met two of his fellow workers.
They exchanged pleasantries and proceeded without letting them know the intention he had left so early.
“Something isn’t right. It is unlike Akande, leaving so early.” A fellow commended.
“He is with a bag, I can smell a rat.” Concluded the other.
To be certain like the sun, they followed Akande from behind, making sure that they weren’t caught under any circumstances.
Soon, Akande was at his master’s place.
He said, “Sir, while I was working at the farm, I saw this bag.”
“What’s in it?” The master asked.
“It contains money, my lord.” He replied.
The master quickly grasped the bag holding it like hugging a beloved child who has just been raised from the dead.
Without a word, he moved back into his room, while Akande stood hanging at the door waiting for his master to release him.
After a while, his master said,
“Are you still there? Go back to the farm right away and stop blocking the air at the door!”
As soon as those fellows following Akande from behind heard their master’s usual yell, they ran straight back to the farm telling everyone what Akande did.
“I could not imagine myself, if I were to be the one, giving that wicked master a bag filled with cowries that I found.” A fellow complained.
The day became dull, even the blind can see the fog of foolishness that dwelt admits the skies of Akande’s circumstances.
So great was the lethargy, no one was working anymore.
The atmosphere at the farm was filled with Akande’s story.
Some even left with anger knowing too well that they won’t be paid well, for Akande has reduced their eagerness to work.
The story spread so fast, that it even went to Akande’s wife while she was still in bed.
His master’s reply didn’t sound so nice, Akande wished that his master will even for once smile at him.
His heels became even weaker as he approached the farm but hoped that probably the workers at the farm will cheer him up.
He built up a sudden strength as he entered the farm, but no one even smiled back at him nonetheless say hello.
This was worse than it used to be, not even the older one could respond to his greetings, which was an unusual scenario.
Akande’s hoe became heavy, but he kept hitting the ground harder to loosen up the stiffed soil.
The early morning sun seems to be angrier than usual.
He was certain that the day didn’t want him to smile simply because he wronged someone.
It was all different thoughts (discouraging thoughts) that filled his confused heart.
All he hoped for was to meet a friend, someone who will smile back at him.
The sun played hide and seek in the clouds, shaving off the whole thoughts in Akande’s brain.
Even his mind went blank.

This quiet moment persisted on the farm for a very long time until the arrival of the owner, Akande’s lord to be precise.
He ordered a stop in the work and issued everyone pay for their job, of cause, as usual, Akande received an ugly ransom.
He was glad, not because of the long-awaited payment he received, but rather, because his master came to his rescue- letting them return home earlier than usual.
He would have given up if his master had tarried a little while at home.
Though he wasn’t sure why his fellow workers acted in such a manner, he perhaps hope that the following day there would be changes.
“I would have to sharpen my cutlass and hoe for the next day.
Tomorrow is another beautiful day,” he hopped.
He kept smiling and whistling as he headed back home so as to tell his wife the good news- his master had given him the money he worked hard for.
At the speed of light, right on the lonely path he took, he received double confusing slaps simultaneously, and his money fell off his hand.
Before he could balance his emotional understanding of nature, multiple strokes kept knocking at the gate of his entire body.
He kept smiling silently. What else can the weak do, when tears became too heavy?
He was beaten like a snake that is worthless, making him crippled with two healthy legs.
Then, one of the men said, “It’s a warning from the master, never have you stepped into the master’s farm.”
His hope went sour, his heart failed him.
“I have always been kicked around, but not like this.” He said.
He wasn’t only sad because they were sent by his master but also, because they were all fellow workers on the farm.
Though Akande was filled with bruises, he kept his hope on the path to his domain.
Like soaking a loaf of bread in brown tea, he was totally ruined in the mud.
He managed to lift himself up so as to get home alive. He picked up his tools, footwear and his bag. He was certain that the money would have grown wings after gaining consciousness in the realm of the living.
And he continued his journey home filled with severe pain and empty with no money.
As he approached his house, he noticed his wife at the main entrance.
She was waiting anxiously, perhaps, she must have heard of the story of the gang that deformed his ability to stand upright.
He hoped that this time, his wife will be a little more compassionate with him.
He guessed otherwise when he found out that almost all her belongings were sitting next to her.
Akande’s wife has been threatening him to leave if he continued on the path of foolishness, so to say.
“What would I have done to provoke her this time?” He lamented.
Instead of feeling sorry, she told all the day’s story to Akande as if he was not aware of that which had happened to him.
She started calling him all sorts of names- those associated with dirt, filth, and waste.
She blamed Akande for handing over the money to his master instead of using it to build a way for his devastating life.
And that she was certain that it wasn’t his masters.
After much pleading for her understanding, she said she already made up her mind to leave, saying that Akande was never going to make it in life anyway.
What a scary day for a man.
Tears rolled down his squeezed chick as he watched his beloved wife walk away.
He kept standing for some minutes even after she had vanished with the romance of the earth and the horizon in the east.
What can the helpless do?
A decision has been taken.
A lost dog cannot heed the tears of the hunter.
It was therefore too late for Akande to make amends.

To be Continued…

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