Second Episode of Hunger


The second episode of hunger poetry warns against greed. Two fellas lost the little they had because of their lack of foresight and greed.

A bird at hand is worth tens of thousand in the bush.

English Proverb

Second Episode of Hunger

Right in front of my hut, as hunger dominate,

I kept on yelling, “God why?!”

Hoping for the time I will jubilate.

My closest pal, the mouse watched close by.

My friend soon came to join me,

Dropped a plate on the floor.

I said, “Could that be…?”

He cuts in, “we are poor”

He dusted his slippers and sat on the floor

Then, he picked up the plate and started to call

“Help the poor! Help the poor!!”

I stretched an arm, and decoloured an eyeball,

Minutes later as his voice drown lower,

A hero dropped a loaf of bread.

He advised, “You can do better-

But please, do not beg”

Anxiety pulled that eye open and I asked,

“What then should we do?”

He smiled and said as his voice unmasked,

“Come push my car you two!”

Pushing the car some distance away,

Mechanical deceit took over and he drove off.

We chased him for the price, but, to no avail,

The journey ended some km away off.

Condition drove us back to my house,

But found the loaf in crumbs of the ant’s salvation.

I cried, “o no, the mouse!”

What a new chapter of greater starvation.

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