The Rain in my Heart


The rain in my heart poetry touches on the inner feeling of a woman. When a woman loves, she does it for real. It showcases compassion, sensation and deep feelings.

The Rain in my heart

Rama wakes up to notice that his wife has woken up before him. It was strange. Unusually, he wakes up before Lizabela to prepare for some affirmative words that will usher her into the new day. It’s been a while since he failed to do this devotional.

He picked up the table clock, it was some minutes to six. His heart melted speedily as he looked towards the wall where he noticed something unusual, some sticky notes that read;

Dripping on my heart,

Combing off the panic within.

Slowly and calmly it falls

Down my broken world,

Right on the bed of my diaphragm,

It melted it all;

Sending forth that freedom,

Infatuation cannot hold.

You are like the rain,

So implicitly amusing.

An effectual result to the core.

My heart is drenched by your touch.

My world is built in your words.

Though dusty from the start,

You made me regain a brand new path for growth.

I will forever remain in you,

For I am glad you made me see perfection.

Touch my hair, kiss my lips;

Give me that feeling I cannot resist,

A feeling of love like the rain down my body;

Sending off every pain and guilt within.

Please dearly beloved;

Feed me your breath,              

Feed me your hope; your words

For I have nowhere else to go but in you.

I love you so much.

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