The Robbery


This is what may happen in a conversation with a police officer in certain parts of the Africa. Feel free to comment and share.

The Robbery

Akpan called the police station to give report of an armed robbery scene.

Akpan: hello, is this the police station?

Voice: yes, who is this?

Akpan: My name is Akpan. I wish to… (Gunshot)

Voice: (cuts in) are you watching an action movie?

Akpan: I am calling to report (Gunshot) an active armed robbery in my area.

Voice: okay,

Akpan: the criminals are about 50 strong men loaded with tons of artilleries… like… Hell no! More men have joined the gang! They are about 70 now… and are all…

Voice: close the main gate!

Akpan: where? Main gate? No, you are getting it wrong. I am currently hiding in the gutter!

Voice: I am not talking to you! Idiot! (Hangs up the phone)

Akpan: Hello! Hello! Hello!

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