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You are welcome to Story Wink, a story blog where we dissect African tales, events, and everyday life. Join us in this sensation as we promise to put out exciting content for your enlightenment.

Story wink is designed and monitored by Folklight Studios, a business platform responsible for creating educational modules for schools in Nigeria.

Africa houses a large mass of brown soil landmass and chocolate-skinned happy people. Here, we share in the love and promote our norms in tales, art and crafts, music and food.

Story wink will deliver old tales, fables, proverbs, documentaries, happenings and so on to all and sundry. In so, we will try our bid to showcase the beauty of African nations.

We are looking forward to having you on our platform. Thank you!

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Olusola Butler

I write a lot, on everything and anything. I am that ordinary guy with a whole lot of good to offer. I love art, music and poetry.

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